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Using the OFFICIAL Google Talk program to connect to everyone else

April 14, 2006

Want to use the official Google Talk program to connect to others? Here’s how:

Get Psi from here.

Connect to Google Talk using Psi by going here.

Add the following transports to Psi:
For MSN: (use the MSN transport)
For AIM: (use the AIM transport)
For Yahoo!: (use the Yahoo! transport)
For ICQ: (use the ICQ transport)

You can delete Psi, just don’t delete the transports and contacts.

Download the OFFICIAL Google Talk program from

You friends will be shown something like this:

Happy chatting!



February 22, 2006

You may be wondering why AIM isn’t listed yet. After all, it is one of the Big Four. The reason we didn’t list AIM is because it isn’t alone. In other words, when you download it you get more than just AIM. There is AOL Explorer (AOL’s IE shell), Plaxo Address Book, AIM toolbar buttons, and a lot more. If you want all that stuff on your computer, then download it. Otherwise, stay away.