Review of iCall For Windows

Everyone’s been raving about how Skype has allowed free VOIP calling to phonelines.  But iCall (named ironically, because it doesn’t work on a Mac) has been doing this for a year!  You can call in the US or Canada for free.  It’s ad supported (there are contacts that don’t go away), and they sell international rates.  Don’t worry about getting a free iPod, its a raffle, not a spyware link.  It includes voicemail for free!  It doesn’t let you call other iCall users, but it’s not meant for that.  Here’s what we found:

Voice: Terrific!  Sounds better than our phones.
Video: None.
File Transfer: None.
Smileys: None.
Games: None.
Interface: Good.  Looks almost like a real Apple product.
Bottom Line: iCall is really a nice product.  We’ve got friends who use Skype, so we’ll stick to that, however.


17 Responses to “Review of iCall For Windows”

  1. Hikabob Says:

    I wish i knew abotu that a year ago.

  2. Anderson Says:

    My son has iCall and the voice is horrible. The first time he called I could not understand him at all. Second time wasnt much better.

  3. Baz L Says:

    And I guess after two calls, that’s all the testing that’s going to be done? What about the internet connection? Oh well.

    I’ve been using Skype (specifically SkypeIn) for over two years now. At $38.00 a year, I could live with this. I just tried to extend my number and was slapped in the face with a $60.00 bill for the year. After that, I stumbled on to iCall. Tested a few times and it’s gonna have to do.

  4. Armando Says:

    Do not use it for international calls. They steal money from you. The calls are never completed and they still charge you for them.

    Really bad service, no suport at all.

  5. Jacquen Haggar Says:

    iCall imploys DISHONEST sales tactics by using half truths. The website says free calls in the US — which is technically true, but what they don’t tell you is that the call can’t be more than 5 minutes at a time. On the home page it says they “hope to make money by selling headsets and getting you to use their directory” WRONG! They hope to make money by getting you to upgrade to their pro account. The software is practially useless without it.
    They should be up front about the cost of their service. There needs to be an alternative to skype.

  6. Philip Says:

    I Just installed the basic icall software and was able to use it for 24 hours But have not been able to log into the server to use it again keeps telling cannot log in or password is bad is this a common problem? or has anyone else had this problem?

  7. Gonzo99 Says:

    hey been using Icall for about 3 weeks now and really like it…first off yes it has some bugs, big deal its free….the 5 min call crap only really works maybe 5% of the time…the free incoming calls is a great feature as well. stop bitching about them trying to make a buck off their product. its not the best thing in the world but after getting raped by the cell phones for years im happy to use this.

  8. nick Says:

    icall is a complelte peice of shit hardlly even works its a joke id never pay for it

  9. ruthlessme83 Says:

    Icall is fine… what i mean is- if you dont have to pay for it (witch you dont)
    and it works then what are you whining about, Ive been using Icall for about 3 months when i dont feel like running out my minutes for my cell.
    so if your not planing on using this free service as your main phone provider (and if you are thats really lame on your part) then it will work great for you as a alternative to jacked cell phone prices and nearly obsolete land lines…

  10. Ozzy Says:

    I’ve had icall for over a year,before it was 15bucks for 3 months now its 10$ for a month,awesome right.Thats not even the problem,I am still a Pro/Total Access member with that price its still better than skype,call quality is fine but the main problem is IT DOESNT FREAKING WORK! it works 2 days then wont work the next 3,customer support is a joke they dont reply to your complaints but they take your money off your account instantly. So basicly its not reliable at all,last 3 days it wont even dial,icall servers must be down,and that happens VERY OFTEN.

  11. BAla Says:

    icall is a shit service. These idiots make us to purchase icall total access. But i couldn connect calls at all. only i can one call or two call a day.

    Its a money wasting application. if u are using it free then its good. Skype is 1000 times better than icall in all service and access and all..

  12. CA2198 Says:

    iCall is lousy. Don’t waste your time or money. There are much better alternatives. Huge waste of time dealing with this before moving on to something better. Could not be more annoyed.

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  14. tk smith Says:

    I use I-call’s free version, and it hardly ever works. Most of the calls that I make are not understood by the person that I’m calling, and I run 20 mgbytes/sec. So I have no problem with internet speed. Most of the time the person I’m calling ends up hanging up on me because they cant understand me. Also I tried to go pro and the website wouldn’t take my credit card info. So I called the phone number the website gave and there is virtually no support. That tells me they are very unorganized, So I do not recommend this service to anyone unless you are using the free version and then it would be a last resort. I-CALL THUMBS DOWN!!!!!

  15. Says:

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    Would you care if I reallyapply a bit of of your own tips?
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  16. twunders Says:

    i call does not work, very buggy … whether it’s free or the pro version, scam scam, this article lies

  17. Chrissy Says:

    Icall is a horrible business.. Never upgrade.. You will not get what you paid for nor will you get your promised refund.. When contacting BBB, Arlo Gilbert’s Response is “Too Bad, So Sad”. Like a thief in the night he will take your money & run..

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