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Skype Sued

June 5, 2006

Net2Phone is suing Skype for patent infringement.  Net2Phone is saying that Skype violated its “point-to-point Internet Protocol” patent.  After all, Skype uses P2P, unlike Vonage and AT&T’s VoIP.  If Skype loses, eBay is going to have to do serious recoding.


Review of iCall For Windows

June 2, 2006

Everyone’s been raving about how Skype has allowed free VOIP calling to phonelines.  But iCall (named ironically, because it doesn’t work on a Mac) has been doing this for a year!  You can call in the US or Canada for free.  It’s ad supported (there are contacts that don’t go away), and they sell international rates.  Don’t worry about getting a free iPod, its a raffle, not a spyware link.  It includes voicemail for free!  It doesn’t let you call other iCall users, but it’s not meant for that.  Here’s what we found:

Voice: Terrific!  Sounds better than our phones.
Video: None.
File Transfer: None.
Smileys: None.
Games: None.
Interface: Good.  Looks almost like a real Apple product.
Bottom Line: iCall is really a nice product.  We’ve got friends who use Skype, so we’ll stick to that, however.