AIM Phoneline

AIM is close to making AIM Phoneline, which lets you receive calls from a local phone number FOR FREE!!!  Now, AIM is bloatware (I DONT NEED PLAXO, VLC, AOL EXPLORER, AOL TOOLBAR, OR AOL!!!), but this I could live with.  Now, you should be thinking, “How will AOL make money off of this?”  The answer, AIM Phoneline Unlimited, will cost $14.95 a month for calls to all local and long-distance numbers and 30 foreign countries.  AOL plans to launch the service in the top 50 U.S markets in late May, according to the USA Today.


8 Responses to “AIM Phoneline”

  1. garrson Says:

    thank you for your work

  2. Tim Says:

    Not many areas are suported, however.

  3. wat Says:

    Great job guys…

  4. diane hall Says:

    i can not seem to be able to upgrade to outgoing calls how do i do that i have windows xp thanks diane

  5. Andrew Says:

    Diane, you need to go to Scroll down to the bottom, and click the Upgrade Now button.

  6. Ann Says:

    Just signed up today and I’ve gotta say not too shabby. Local number, voicemail messages get sent to email, caller ID. I could get used to this.

  7. michael Says:

    have this phone line on my laptop can make call but the people that i call said it no clean

  8. Me Says:

    I keep trying to upgrade and it does not let me, it keeps telling me “this screen name is already registered” which i am registered but I want to upgrade to the 14.99 unlimited. it doesnt seem to let me upgrade at all… I dont want to looose my number and I rather not have to register again.

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