No More AIM Ads!!!!!!

Man, aren’t those AIM ads annoying? You can get rid of them! There are several options.

  1. Get a multi-protocol program. We recommend Gaim, Miranda or Trillian, but that’s up to you. Jabber also works, if you have the right transport!
  2. Use AIM Ad Hack or middle_man. AAH has claimed to be around for 2 years, but no advanced features. mm has Buddy List Customization, Cloning (more than one instance), Logging, Buddy Aliasing, Window Transparencey, Away Message Groups, Talking While Away, Idle Control, Local/Remote Commands, Scripting, and Invisibility. Of course, there’s also no ads!
  3. Use a smaller AIM, such as miniaim or DeadAIM. Both have a ton of features, but (obviously) not as much as AIM.
  4. We haven’t tested any except the first option, but there are a lot of good reviews out there….


4 Responses to “No More AIM Ads!!!!!!”

  1. boz Says:

    Or stop using aim altogether.

  2. mr.obvious Says:

    WOW boz…who died and made u the smartest man on earth?

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