Why haven’t we done something on the popular Chinese IM? First of all, we don’t speak Chinese. But, you can get an English version at http://www.qq.co.za/. Well, there are other reasons. First, we don’t like ads. But we can live with that. And themes and games are always nice. VV is nice as well. It runs on Windows only, but there are several options. Linux users can talk to friends on the QQ network by installing a plugin for Gaim, or by using the Eva IM client. A client called isQ, which is currently at the Public Beta stage, claims to be the first QQ client for the Mac OS X platform. We don’t like internet dating (remember the MySpace problems that are still going on?), plagarism (from Wikipedia: QQ is known to copy its competitor’s features. The interface of Tencent Messenger is very similar to MSN Messenger and the interface of QQ is Luna themed. In addition to interfaces, QQ is also known to copy code and text from its competitors. For example, one release contained Skype’s EULA.), or adult content on the teen-centered homepage. Still less do we like the amount of memory or space. But, QQ lovers, not to worry. We will be doing a review soon.


One Response to “QQ”

  1. Ama Says:

    Using QQ messenger at https://www.imhaha.com/, it is a web-based instant messenger supporting Yahoo, MSN, AIM and QQ.

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