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Google Talk Themes

April 24, 2006

Recently, we reviewed the new Google Talk. In that article, we mentioned that it now had themes. However, the themes are, well, boring. Anthony Sottile has the answer. His page is full of themes. There’s a Blue Screen of Death theme, a PHP theme, a Windows 9.x theme, a digg theme, a Bubble Picture theme, and even a Star Wars theme!


No More AIM Ads!!!!!!

April 19, 2006

Man, aren’t those AIM ads annoying? You can get rid of them! There are several options.

  1. Get a multi-protocol program. We recommend Gaim, Miranda or Trillian, but that’s up to you. Jabber also works, if you have the right transport!
  2. Use AIM Ad Hack or middle_man. AAH has claimed to be around for 2 years, but no advanced features. mm has Buddy List Customization, Cloning (more than one instance), Logging, Buddy Aliasing, Window Transparencey, Away Message Groups, Talking While Away, Idle Control, Local/Remote Commands, Scripting, and Invisibility. Of course, there’s also no ads!
  3. Use a smaller AIM, such as miniaim or DeadAIM. Both have a ton of features, but (obviously) not as much as AIM.
  4. We haven’t tested any except the first option, but there are a lot of good reviews out there….


April 15, 2006

Why haven’t we done something on the popular Chinese IM? First of all, we don’t speak Chinese. But, you can get an English version at Well, there are other reasons. First, we don’t like ads. But we can live with that. And themes and games are always nice. VV is nice as well. It runs on Windows only, but there are several options. Linux users can talk to friends on the QQ network by installing a plugin for Gaim, or by using the Eva IM client. A client called isQ, which is currently at the Public Beta stage, claims to be the first QQ client for the Mac OS X platform. We don’t like internet dating (remember the MySpace problems that are still going on?), plagarism (from Wikipedia: QQ is known to copy its competitor’s features. The interface of Tencent Messenger is very similar to MSN Messenger and the interface of QQ is Luna themed. In addition to interfaces, QQ is also known to copy code and text from its competitors. For example, one release contained Skype’s EULA.), or adult content on the teen-centered homepage. Still less do we like the amount of memory or space. But, QQ lovers, not to worry. We will be doing a review soon.

Using the OFFICIAL Google Talk program to connect to everyone else

April 14, 2006

Want to use the official Google Talk program to connect to others? Here’s how:

Get Psi from here.

Connect to Google Talk using Psi by going here.

Add the following transports to Psi:
For MSN: (use the MSN transport)
For AIM: (use the AIM transport)
For Yahoo!: (use the Yahoo! transport)
For ICQ: (use the ICQ transport)

You can delete Psi, just don’t delete the transports and contacts.

Download the OFFICIAL Google Talk program from

You friends will be shown something like this:

Happy chatting!

Review of Unyte

April 10, 2006

Some people just can’t live without NetMeeting. But, ever tried Unyte? Unyte is a program that lets someone else see exactly what you’re doing. It’s a plugin for Skype.. The other person doesn’t even need Skype! It takes you to a Java page, which lets you see a virtual page of whatever you’re working on, Word docs, Konfabulator Widgets, ect.

Bottom Line: Great program, even if you don’t really use it.

Google Talk

April 8, 2006

GTalk has been updated!  Now with buddy icons, chat window design, and more!  Google Talk for Blackberrys has also been released, so get that as well.  And the developer of Gaim has announced Libjingle 0.3!

IM Theme

April 7, 2006

IM Watch has 634 hits! In celebration, we have created an Instant Messengers theme. It includes an icon for Y!,
MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Gaim. The background is the Proteus logo. And no, there is no Jabber or Google Talk icon (yet).



Review of Gtalkr Beta For All Platforms

April 4, 2006

Now here’s a real cool portal to the World Wide Web.  Gtalkr is a free site that supports SSL, and has access to Gmail.  It can also communicate with Google Talk users through chat (though not through audio).  Here’s what we found:

Voice: None.
Video: None.
File Transfer: None.
Smileys: None (but has rich text).
Games: None.  Well, it has Flickr and YouTube, as well as Yahoo! Maps and RSS, but no real games.
Interface: Subpar.  Might be slow on dialup.
Bottom Line: Gtalkr looks promising, but I’ll stick with Gmail chat.